It's finally that "sweet spot" weather-wise in Minnesota when being outside is really nice.  It's not too hot, generally not humid, and it's not too cold either.  This is that short time when it's sort of perfect outside.  Generally we all want to take advantage of this before it gets too cold to do a whole lot in the great outdoors.

We have been hearing for years, basically as long as the Fitbit has been available to keep track of our "steps".  Most of these fitness devices have had the standard of 10,000 steps.  You hit that, and you will get all sorts of bells and whistles going off on your fitness tracker letting you know that you have hit your "goal".  I may have exaggerated on the bells and whistles, but there are some things that start buzzing on your wrist to let you know you have hit your daily goal of 10,000 steps.

Who came up with the magic 10,000 step goal?  The fitness tracker people?  Maybe.

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Now, according to studies from the Mayo Clinic, the average person doesn't actually need that 10,000 steps.  The average amount that a person needs to stay healthy is more like 7,000 steps per day. This is based on the average person only getting about 3-4,000 steps per day.  This seems fairly low, but if that is you, increasing to 7,000 steps will do the trick to make sure you are getting the extra steps you need to remain healthy.  If you are already active, hitting that 10,000 mark, or even higher will be right for you.  So, the amount needed definitely depends on the person and their particular fitness level.

Bottom line, walking does a body good.  So, however you are getting in some extra steps, know that it is great for your heart and overall health.

...Walking for regular activity can help reduce your risk of these common health problems:

So whether you are getting in 7,000, 10,000 or more, just make sure you are attempting to get more active each day.  Take the stairs instead of the elevator, park a bit further away in the parking lot, take the long way around to the restroom at work, just increase some of your daily activities to hit your step goal, whatever that is for you.

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