Pete Hanson so graciously gifted me a Farmer's Almanac for the coming year and I am not going to lie, I am into it. It is a lot of odd advertisements and strange articles about groundhogs, but if you dodge around those it actually has some good information in it! Here is what it said about the coming winter.

We are in for a warmer than normal winter here in the Upper Midwest. The coldest times will come in late November, early and late December, early January and early February. Snowfall this year is supposed to be below normal, and the snowiest time will be mid to late December (just in time for a white Christmas!).

According to the Almanac we might see our first snow showers the second weekend of Firearm Deer Season in November (Nov. 11th) and it is supposed to be super cold. Nothing like last year when it was sunny and 60 in the deer stand!

The Almanac also says we are going to see a snow storm December 22nd-31st. I will take a snowstorm on Christmas over that nasty ice storm we had last year. That was the most stressful drive to Christmas dinner at my aunts I have ever experienced and I don't wish to relive it!

Overall we are looking at a pretty mild winter here in Minnesota, and I gotta say I am totally OK with it!


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