As the clock gets close to 3 in the afternoon I often struggle with staying on task, especially if it's close to 3 on a Friday. If you are looking for something to keep your eyes on the screen, you know so it at least looks like you are working, take some time to enjoy this Minnesota wolf pack playing in a snowstorm.

The video above is from the Voyageurs Wolf Project they just happen to check some of their cameras recently and they caught this Minnesota wolf pack playing during a snowstorm.

Checked a camera on Saturday and realized we got some dynamite footage of the Nashata Pack! Here is a snippet for some Monday morning zen…enjoy a few moments of a couple of wolves being wolves in a snowstorm!
Aside from the footage being pretty cool, it is also quite informative for understanding the size and composition of the Nashata Pack.
The Nashata Pack appeared to be down to 3 wolves by late summer this year, and we did not get footage of any pups. The female, however, clearly was pregnant in April and then was nursing in late April/May. So the pack certainly had pups but it appears none made it. Unfortunately, we don’t know why or even how many pups they had.
The video also lets us determine pack composition: the first wolf in the video is the breeding female (she is very distinctive!), the second wolf is a subordinate female (you can see her parts so to speak!), likely a pup born in 2021, and the last wolf is the breeding male who is a bigger light gray wolf.
Well, that was about a minute of hard-earned enjoyment on a Friday afternoon!

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