This is pretty darn cool! It appears Minnesota will be in focus, for a portion of CBS's 60 Minutes tonight. Anderson Cooper stopped by this Minnesota Wolf Sanctuary earlier this year for a segment that will focus in on the evolution of dogs from wolves. The sanctuary in focus is based in Stacy, Minnesota.

Wildlife Science Center, based in Stacy, has been a sanctuary for animals likes wolves and bears for years now. The sanctuary is a great place for us, Minnesotans, to get an up-close look at wolves and bears in a setting where it's safe for both us and them.

According to the Wildlife Science Center's website:

In 1976 a team of biologists established a captive gray wolf research lab known simply as "The Wolf Project". Federal funds carried the project up to 1990 and tremendous amounts of information was generated by the teams that studied there during the 14 year term. In 1990 the federal funding ceased, so the team at the time chose to create a nonprofit organization rather than see the project die, hence the creation of the Wildlife Science Center. Although the Center no longer receives federal funding, its distinctive research continues.

My wife and I took a trip to the sanctuary a few years ago as it was the location of a 'husky huddle', which is an online group of Minnesota Siberian Husky owners to get together with other owners and their animals to play and forge friendships.

It was SO cool to see the Husky's reactions to the wolves' howling!

Our dog, Grom, wasn't really impressed with the wolves, he seemed more interested in being off-leash and sneaking up and licking people's hands from behind.

You can catch tonight's episode after the games on CBS, locally WCCO channel 4.

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