At just three years old, AJ Smith is already making a name for herself in the cosmetics world. AJ lives in Minneapolis with twin brother Jax, and two parents who are both teachers. The whole business actually started as a teaching moment.

Her mom, Angela Smith, shared with WCCO:

From the age of 2, she’s always really been into watching me when I wear makeup. With her wanting to express herself, we thought of ways to, how do we make it developmentally appropriate for her to explore makeup? Her dad’s compromise was lip gloss and nail polish, so that was a safe way to let her explore.
Beautifly By AJ
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Making cosmetics is a lesson in so much more than mixing colors. It's math, science, measuring, and much more. The best part is that  AJ doesn't even realize they are lessons, because she sees it as having fun and making something with her family.

Eventually friends and family started asking about the products the Smiths were making and got licensed. They are now selling them under the brand "Beautifly by AJ". The goal is to start launching the products this summer in farmer's markets and festivals.

For now, you can get lip gloss on the Beautifly by AJ website. There are multiple color and flavor options, and there are even some fun accessories to purchase as well. I have a tube of "Boss Gloss" and a pink Strawberry Kiwi on the way to me right now. How cool is it that a kids curiosity has launched into a full business?

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