It also makes me a jolly good fellow.

The Minnesota State Fair is famous for its food...on sticks. But another perk of the Great Minnesota Get Together is beer, and the fair just released a list of their specialty beer selection this year.


1) Caramel Corn Cream Ale
I got into cream ales about six months ago. This selection from Finnegans sounds tasty!

2) Gaelic Dark & Stormy
Golden ale with lime and ginger, and brewed by Surly. Not sure if I'll like it, but it piques my interest.

3) Mobster Mule Bubble Trouble
Sure, I prefer scotch and whisky for my hard liquor choices, but sparkling Edelweiss wine from Cannon River Winery with ginger beer and lime sounds perfect for summertime imbibing.

4) The Shandlot Pink Lemon Shandy
I dig lemon shandys when the temperature exceeds 70 degrees. Bauhaus Brew Labs' adds strawberries and hibiscus.

5) Uffda Ale
An offering from St Cloud's own Beaver Island Brewing, "brewed with locally malted Rahr pilsner and wheat malts, a dash of honey malt, German Hallertau Magnum hops, Minnesota’s own Norsland Lefse, and Scandinavian lingonberries. Each is garnished with fresh lingonberries and a crispy lefse chip." Oh lawd!

Find more at the Minnesota State Fair website!

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