The Carlton school district (southwest of Duluthwill vote on a proposed four-day school week on Monday (4/15/2024) in an effort to curb declining enrollment and hold-off the possibility of being consolidated with a neighboring school district. Minnesota's open-enrollment law does let students enroll in a neighboring school district.

The Mental Health of Students is Also a Factor

Our students aren't the same today as they were 10, 15 years ago. ... They got so much going on that we believe giving them this time to do some of these other things is going to be really good for their mental health.” ~Superintendent Donita Stepan

While a four-day school week sounds great to students, teachers, and schools...the fact remains that it could be a logistical nightmare for parents who have to work.

There are already six Minnesota school districts that go by the four-day school week.

Fewer Days, But Minimum Requirements Remain

Even if schools go to four-day weeks, students still need to be spend a minimum number of hours in a four-day work week that still nets full-time status.

Districts That Have Already Adopted the Four-Day Week Sing its Praises

The districts say that they've saved a lot of money while having more success with teacher recruitment and retention (both very important). Test scores and graduation rates have not been hurt by the policy.

Still a Ways to Go

The bill was discussed yesterday (2/21/24) by the Minnesota House Education Policy Committee and still needs to go through a few more committees before going to the House floor for a vote.

The bill is being authored by Dave Baker (R-Willmar).

It should be pointed out that the bill won't require school districts to go to a four-day school week, but instead gives districts the option to adopt the policy.

What do YOU think? Are you in favor of your school district going to a four-day school week? Are you in a district that's already adopted the policy? Is it better or worse than the traditional five-day school week? Message us via The Loon App and sound off.

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