Reality shows.  It's basically all we can watch right now due to the writers strike (which hopefully should be ending today, or soon) that, and reruns.  Hopefully things will change soon on that front.

Joslynn Rose Instagram
Joslynn Rose Instagram

But, with that said, it's kind of a cool thing when we get to see someone from our home state on any of these reality/competition shows.

This time, as the 24th season of the Voice kicked off on NBC last night, we got to see a 16 year old girl from Lake Benton, Minnesota take the stage and WOW the coaches.

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Joslynn Rose sang "Arcade", which is a Duncan Laurence song, during the blind auditions, and completely knocked it out of the park with her vocals  She wound up on Team Gwen.  She did get a 3 chair turn, which is really good.  That means that 3 out of the 4 coaches wanted that person on their team.  That's great!  The only person who didn't turn their chair was coach John Legend.  He said it wasn't because he didn't think she had what it takes, but because he is always looking for a "certain sound in a vocal".  Ok.  Not sure what that sound is, but we'll just go with that.


The blind audiitions will continue for a few weeks, then we will get to the Battle Rounds which is where the coaches put two of their team members together, and one will win that round.  The person who is eliminated will then be up for any of the other coaches to "steal".  But if no one does that, their Voice journey will come to an end.  Hopefully that doesn't happen for Joslynn Rose, and she will continue on in the competition.

If you would like to follow her journey, The Voice airs on NBC on Monday and Tuesday nights.  Set your DVR.  I always do that with award shows and competition shows, then (in full honesty) I can fast forward through the parts that I don't care that much about.  To each their own.

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