One last Minnesotan still remains in the Mens US Mullet Championship. Which one of these three Minnesotans remains?

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I started growing my mullet in September of 2019. It started as a wild idea because I have had short hair almost my entire life (except for a brief 2-year mullet run from 2010-2012). In March of 2020, it was time for the initial cut. It was a little premature but I couldn’t wait to get the process underway. In my opinion, it takes about 9 months to cultivate a mature mullet. My girlfriend at the time was not impressed but I told her to give it time. By the summer of 2020, my mullet was in full swing, curls and all! In August of 2020, I proposed to my girlfriend and she said yes! As we started talking about the wedding she said to me “You know you’re gonna have to cut that thing off for the wedding don’t you?” I protested but ultimately I knew that if it would make her happy I would cut it off. Much to my surprise about a month before the wedding she said “You know… the mullet really fits you and you have wonderful curls. I think you should keep it for the wedding.” I couldn’t have been more happy! In November of 2020 we were married and the only thing prettier than my curls was my beautiful bride! Fast forward to today, my mullet has become a part of me. I get compliments on it everywhere I go from the racetrack to the grocery store and even at church. I joke with my wife now that I’m going to cut it off and her response is “ABSOLUTELY NOT” funny how things change when you rock a glorious mullet!

The BC Gravy Train- "Wild enough to show you a good time out on the town, but classy enough to take to grandma's Thanksgiving dinner!"

I believe that voting is now out of our hands. But you can follow along at and see if there's anything we can do to push The BC Gravy Train into first place.

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