As we approach Halloween, Minnesotans old enough to remember and participate in will bring up 1991's Halloween Blizzard. We, as Minnesotans, will boast about walking through the snow and cold of that year, and we wear it like a badge of honor. What's happened since then? Minnesota, according to a recent poll, ranks in the bottom 1/3 of US States for 'door-to-door' trick-or-treating.

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Get our free mobile app recently published an 'in-depth analysis of states where you are most likely to get a door-to-door trick-or-treater. The website looked at things like "those under 18, crime rates, and the number of residents searching for trick-or-treating terms this year. Each category was ranked from 1 to 50, with 1 being the best, revealing the states that will be out trick-or-treating come Halloween." Minnesota came in 35th place!

The Top-5 states that are most likely to see a door-to-door trick-or-treater are:

1. Utah

2. California

3. Nevada

4. Illinois

5. New Hampshire

Iowa finished in 18th place and Wisconsin 20th both ahead of Minnesota. Our neighbors to the West, North Dakota (39), and South Dakota (41) finished behind Minnesota to round out all of our neighboring states.

Image Credit: szabo-janos-0d5-_kJFdDk-unsplash
Image Credit: szabo-janos-0d5-_kJFdDk-unsplash

I can see why North and South Dakota finished where they did as both of those states are very rural outside of a few cities. But driving through Iowa, it's equally as rural as North and South Dakota...

So what gives for Minnesota's low rating? According to the website it has most to do with how many people are searching for trick-or-treating online, as MN raked 40th, with the rest of the categories seeing Minnesota in the top 1/2 of states.

I think it also has to do with all of the trunk-or-treat events we are seeing now, making door-to-door trick-or-treating more of a thing of the past, than what kids want to do now.

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