I'm not really a beer snob, an ice-cold Busch Light is just as nice to have as a craft IPA served at a local brewery. To me, it's about who you share that beverage with that makes it enjoyable. One Minnesota Liquor store seems to be taking beer drinking to another level though, as earlier this week they teased what appears to be an upcoming video series entitled "Should I Really Be Drinking This?"

To me, if you've got to ask, I'd think no, but that doesn't seem to be stopping Shorewood Liquors in Shorewood Minnesota. According to a post on their social media page, which I saw on the Minnesota Craft Beer Lovers page, they are going to be sampling "old, improperly stored, or just simply terrible beer, all for your amusement!"

When I was younger, I was visiting my grandma and I cracked open a soda that I thought was going to be REALLY refreshing on a hot summer day in Southern Minnesota. Let's say that the REALLY refreshing beverage I had selected wasn't refreshing as much as it turned my stomach as the can was 7 years old and had separated inside the can.

I can only imagine what improperly stored old beer would be like not only to try but smell like. ISH.

I wish Robbie all the best, and I'll probably come back to their page this weekend or early next week and see if the hinted-at videos have begun to appear, and I'll more than likely watch one or two, but in reality, I have a hard time thinking anyone would find enjoyment in actually doing this.

Watching it is of course a different story.

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