Stop me if you've heard of 'supply-chain issues' affecting certain sectors before, but there is still a shortage of aluminum cans out there, and one Minnesota brewery is doubling down on reminding you to not only recycle your cans but if you get one of their 'Xtra' cans to remove the glued-on label BEFORE tossing that can into the recycling bin!

Image Credit: Paul Shea/TSM
Image Credit: Paul Shea/TSM

The post was put up late last week and went out more as a public service announcement/reminder for those who enjoy a cold Surly and also about hopefully keeping the price of beer down too.

You’re as sick of hearing about “supply chain issues” as we are, but sourcing printed aluminum cans continues to be a challenge across the independent craft beer industry. Your Furious will occasionally be an unused Xtra can with an adhesive Furious sleeve on it. For recycling purposes, please peel off the sleeve before putting the can in the correct bin. And please recycle. We need the cans. Yeah, it’s good for the environment, but really, cans. - Surly Brewing Company via Facebook

The so-called 'candemic' has been around since early 2020 thanks to COVID-19 which closed bars and caused kegs to spoil, and people to buy cans of beer in bulk. Even as we approach 2 and a half years from the beginning of COVID-19 were are still seeing some shortfalls in items being manufactured and one of those is still in the aluminum industry.

One major manufacturer of aluminum cans, Ball Corporation, talked back in March about some of the challenges it saw in 2021, and how it looks to bring itself out of the 'supply-chain issues' as it pertains to making new cans.

"While 2021 presented challenges such as the pandemic and supply chain issues, we continued to work together as a global team to drive sustainable innovation and deliver results for shareholders, customers, and our communities," said Dan Fisher, President, and CEO-elect, Ball Corporation. "At Ball, sustainability is a business imperative. We remain committed to driving systemic change throughout our company and industry, and the progress made last year is a testament to that." Ball highlighted in their report that they were looking towards "the company's commitment to source 100% of its aluminum needs from certified sustainable sources by 2030."

So the next time you crack a cold one, check to see if the label peels off, and then drop it in the recycling bin because I think we all enjoy a cold one, that's affordable, because if it's not going to be 'free' it might as well be as cheap as it can be.

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