When my grandparents decided to retire years ago, they got the heck out of Minnesota. Grandpa wanted to golf year-round, and Minnesota isn't known for it's open-all-year golf courses.

United Van Lines just posted their 41st Annual National Movers Study. It showed that people are leaving Illinois like rats on a sinking ship, but migrating to Vermont like birds in the Spring.

They took into account the percentage of people moving in/out due to retirement, health, family, lifestyle, and jobs.

Minnesota's retirees don't stick around: nearly 21% leave Minnesota while only 9% of retirees nationwide choose Minnesota.

Got family? Almost 30% of those polled move to Minnesota for family. Over 61% move here for a job.

We're not in the Top 10 for inbound residents, but we're definitely not in the Top 10 for people getting out of dodge. Check out the interactive map below!

H/T PR Newswire