We are all different. We are all the same. No person is better than you; YOU are not better than any other person.

With School starting up on Monday, I'm hoping that this Minnesota based business touches your heart.

All Are Welcome Here, is a company that makes yard signs, pins, buttons..you name it...in multiple languages.      www.allarewelcomehere.us, makes signs that can be placed in school yards, your own yard; buttons that can be worn to show that you support people of all kinds. Whether its nationality, skin color, transgender or other; we are all different and by wearing a button or placing a sign in your yard, you're letting others in the community know that you accept people for who they are, and they can feel comfortable and safe in your community.

Several neighborhoods in our area are featuring the signs in their yards, and standing up is the only way we can move forward.

Bullying in our schools is out of control. Parents have a great influence on their children's views and outlook on life. All I can say is; whether you agree with someone or not; you can still be supportive. You can still be kind. There are some things in life that we all support. Safety, security, and acceptance  and inclusion are essential to living in a positive world. I want people to know that. I may not understand how another person lives, prays, thinks, acts..but if they are wanting a better world of acceptance and inclusion, I'm there.

We all fear the unknown. Instead of jumping to conclusions about others; try a little understanding. What works for you may not work for someone else.

We are all so much more when we work together. I'm hoping that our students will step up to the plate; and acknowledge others; try to understand cultural differences, differences in gender and those that are transgender.

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