Did you make some New Year's resolutions? On day 3, are you still on track? Many fall off track the same week they get started, but not here in Minnesota.

Home Method ranked the 100 largest cities in the US on our most common resolutions like:

  • Weightloss
  • Eliminating stress
  • Exercising
  • Saving money
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Out of 100 cities ranked, Minnesapolis came in at number 5! Impressive. Here are the top results:

  1. Scottsdale AZ
  2. Madison WI
  3. Jersey City NJ
  4. Anaheim CA
  5. Minneapolis MN
  6. Denver CO
  7. Aurora CO
  8. Irving TX
  9. Irvine CA
  10. Plano TX


The worst resolution keepers in the US:

91.  New York NY
92.  San Antonio TX
93.  Norfolk VA
94.  Indianapolis IN
95.  Memphis TN
96.  Toledo OH
97.  Baton Rouge LA
98.  Stockton CA
99.  Jacksonville FL
100. Bakersfield CA

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