Bemidji is home to a giant statue of Paul Bunyan and his loyal friend, Babe the Blue Ox but some folks out in Maine seem to think there statue is better. According to an article from the Star Tribune, Bemidji and Bangor, Maine have claimed to have the best Paul Bunyan statue for years.  I guess it depends on what your definition of best is. The one in Maine is bigger but it lacks Babe.  Seriously, how do you have Paul without Babe?  What were they thinking???  Supposedly an artist has approached the powers that be in Maine to add the beloved ox to Paul's side, never mind that it looks more like a bull than an ox. I didn't realize the rivalry was so intense and in-depth over a fictional character.  Us Minnesotans claim  this was his birthplace while those in Maine claim to have his birth certificate.  As far as the statues go one Maine resident claims our Paul and Babe look like something from a kindergarten class.  Ouch!  I think he looks pretty classy, if I do say so myself. I think the statue in Maine is better looking but I would say that Bemidji's is more realistic, or as realistic as a fictional character could be.  My vote stays in Minnesota. Take a look at the pictures above and weigh in -- whose Paul Bunyan statue is better? Ours or Maine's?  

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