Here in Minnesota, we are proud of who we are. We have our own way of doing things. We are tough skinned and Minnesota Nice all at the same time. We love you and wish you well, but if you were down on your luck, we hope that you'll get back on your feet soon; but don't expect a hand out. Life is hard and that's how we like it.

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You'll be disappointed to know that Minnesota Is not listed as one of the best states for Covid recovery. In fact, we are at the bottom of the lake.

Wallethub did a study recently about which states were recovering the fastest from Covid-19. They based their results on things like:

  • Number of people being vaccinated
  • Death rates
  • Vaccine supplies
  • Hospitalizations
  • Restaurant visits
  • Staff shortages
  • Unemployment rates
  • Consumer spending
  • Real Estate Activity

We are not the cream of the crop. The States that are recovering the quickest include South Dakota, Iowa, Idaho, Nebraska and Alaska.

Surprisingly, Minnesota is number 9 from the bottom. The states recovering the slowest are as follows:

42. Maryland
43. Minnesota
44. West Virginia
45. Rhode Island
46.District of Columbia
47. Delaware
49. New York
50. New Jersey
51. Michigan

Now....I'm not sure this is a fair survey. Is the reason we are one of the slowest to recover because we were taking longer to open up? Maybe it took us longer to get the vaccinations we needed, and maybe are just overly cautious? I'm not sure caution in this case is a bad thing. Possibly we are doing things 'right' not rushing to reach a certain point?

If you'd like to read more into this and come to your own conclusion, click HERE now for the full article from Wallethub.


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