This seems like the kind of thing that would happen in rural Minnesota. But also, no, because if it happened to us backwoods folk we would just handle it ourselves.

Minneapolis Police were called this week to deal with a raccoon taking up residence in someone's home closet.

In a post shared to their Facebook page, the Minneapolis Police Department said:

Upon Arrival, the Officers were greeted by an angry raccoon perched on a shelf. Officers remained on-scene and contained the raccoon the best they could until Animal Control arrived, at which point they assisted getting the raccoon into a trap on the floor. Fortunately, no one was bit!

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When calls like this are made, animal control doesn't show up until it is verified that there is an animal that needs to be contained. The police had to show up first and confirm it, and once they did the situation was handled.

Thankfully no one was hurt or bit in the process, and all ended well. Though it is still unknown how such a large raccoon got into this home.

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