You probably think this blog is about you. Well, if you do...then it is.

The stereotype is that women are worried about their looks while men are worried about whether that last fart came with a prize. It turns out that men are the vain ones!

Does this mirror make me look like a FREAK?! (Getty Images)

Who'dahthunk, right?

AskMen conducted a survey and found that women prefer to be complimented on their personalities (all of them?) while men want to be complimented on their appearances.

Our vain-ness for personality recognition is third, with our sense of humor the second-most important thing to be lauded.

Oh, laud-ee laud!

Even worse: only eighteen percent polled said that they wanted their intelligence complimented.

Tell me I'm pretty.

Go ahead, I dare you!

I'm not ready to install a mirror in the studio just yet. I got into radio for a reason: I'm as purdy as a platypus. If I was a dashing young man, I would've stuck with radio anyway. Every time a camera is pointed at me, I make the above face.

You're welcome.

H/T: Elite Daily

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