Fellas, it turns out that if you dig Minnesota's New Country, the ladies are more likely to dig you.

I mean, just listening to 98.1 automatically makes you gooder-looking!


After working so hard to get that perfect(ish?) picture on your online dating profile, you'll still need an edge to get responses. Try this: tell them that you like country music.

According to Plenty of Fish, men who say that they like country music on their dating profiles are 65% more likely to find a match when dating online. Not too shabby, right? You'll get 32% more messages, too.

Helloooooo, attention!

For those seeking relations with men, listing "classic rock" as an interest bumped men's interest in them by 68%! It helps if you really do like it, too. No need to by lying about anything at the beginning of a potential relationship (let alone throughout it).

As for long-term relationships, men who listen to rap are more likely to be looking to settle down; women who listen to classical music are most likely to want The Real Deal, too.

Thank you for listening to us! And, you're welcome for the dating bump!

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