There are some talented new baristas in Elk River, and you can find them at the Sherburne County Courthouse in Elk River.

Andrea and Alia are the welcoming faces that greet employees every weekday as they arrive at the Courthouse, and it sounds like these two women are offering more than just coffee; they bring smiles to everyone they meet.

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Employees at the center are happy that a company called Options Inc. has created a program for employment opportunities for people living in Sherburne and Northern Wright Counties, to help people with disabilities achieve their dreams and independence, and be a part of the community they live in.



Andrea has a smile and really pays attention to detail. The customers say she knows her regulars and will even ask if they want the usual.

Andrea loves to simply make people smile, and delivering coffee to the employees makes her happy.


OPTIONS INC IS MAKING A DIFFERENCE was formerly known as the Sherburne Development Achievement Center. They actually opened many, many years ago in 1979 at Saron Lutheran Church in Big Lake,  and at the time supported only 9 adults; but it was a start.

Now Options Inc. serves approximately 240 individuals and continues to grow.

If you think you may have opportunities to make a program like this work in your community or workplace, contact OptionsInc and learn more about the program.

People like Andrea & Alia are changing people's lives, one cup of coffee at a time.


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