I had a blast at the Granite City Day's Sing! St. Cloud Karaoke Contest this weekend. I was one of three judges from local radio stations along with Mayor Dave Kleis.

Kleis had his heart set on the four of us singing "Daddy Sang Bass" by Johnny Cash. We practiced the song one time before we performed it live for the audience. Having the lyrics on the karaoke machine helped! It was a great ice breaker for the contestants because I can't hold a note to save my life.

The entertainment during the show was good, but I think the best part of the entire night was the Mayor's "Johnny Cash" outfit.

He showed up wearing all black, with a belt buckle that had a giant "D" on it for Dave, an acoustic guitar (that he may or may not actually know how to play), a cowboy hat and some cowboy boots that were two sizes too small.

The judges all took the stage and the mayor waddled to the front. Just before we sang our song for the crowd, he told us how uncomfortable his feet were in his boots. We all thought it was hilarious.

That's part of what makes Mayor Kleis so awesome. He will do anything for his city, including dressing up like Johnny Cash and wearing boots that are way too small.



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