The City of St. Cloud continues to work on filling pot holes.  That according to St. Cloud Mayor Dave Kleis.  He says this was an especially difficult year for pot holes throughout the upper Midwest and St. Cloud is not alone in dealing with these challenges.  Kleis fielded calls from concerned residents on WJON's Radio Town Hall.  He indicates that St. Cloud Public Services Director Tracy Hodel and her staff continue to fill pot holes with the temporary cold weather mix for now until the weather warms up to allow for the hot mix blend that offers a more permanent pot hole fill.

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Tracy Hodel indicated to me a few weeks ago and Mayor Kleis confirmed this week that because of a shortage of local cold weather pot hole mix they've had to travel as far as 2 1/2 hours away to get the mix to fill local pot holes.  Kleis says when the weather sustains temperatures of 50 degrees or more the warm weather hot mix/permanent patch can be used that will help with the constant repair of troubled roads in the community.

Highways, 15, 23 and 10 are roads that run through St. Cloud.  Kleis indicated that the State is responsible for maintaining those roads and the County is responsible for the county roads that go through the City.  Kleis says St. Cloud does have 770 miles of roads the city is responsible for maintaining.

If St. Cloud residents have pot holes issues they'd like to report call St. Cloud Public Works at 320-650-2900.

If you'd like to listen to my conversation with Mayor Kleis it is available below.



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