Better line up your designated driver or put away some taxi money before you head out. Of course, common sense should tell you to not drink and drive. It's just not worth the risk.

Actually, getting arrested is the least bad thing that can happen when you drive drunk. Killing yourself and/or someone else would be the worst.

We want people to understand that a DWI arrest is not only embarrassing, it’s a dangerous behavior that can cost someone their life.

Mike Hanson, Office of Traffic Safety director. “It’s so frustrating because each of the 84 drunk driving-related deaths last year was preventable. It continues to baffle me why people choose to get behind the wheel after drinking when there are so many choices to get a sober ride.


Let’s commit to making our roads safer by always lining up a sober ride,” he said
There will be over 300 agencies working statewide between tomorrow and Sept 2nd.  Labor Day is the 3rd busiest DWI holiday of the year. Last Labor day weekend there were 401 DWI arrests.

Summer is also the deadliest DWI season of the year with 127 fatalities recorded in Minnesota between 1014 and 2018.

Be smart!

(FOX 9)

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