I don't think I've ever heard of anyone actually pulling this little trick off but I guess this couple figured it was worth a try.

The Eden Prairie Police Department blog recently published a story about 2 people that were recently arrested for DWI while driving the same car. The blog says the incident happened on Highway 62 back in April.

According to the blog an Eden Prairie police officer observed a car speeding and then failing to stop at a red light. Here's where the trickery comes in. The officer also observed the two people in the car switching seats as the car was moving slowly in the process of being pulled over.

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Noticing that both occupants smelled of alcohol and had watery eyes, the officer administered a breath test to each of the car's occupants. The man that was originally operating the car, blew a .24 which is 3 times the legal limit to drive.  His female passenger that switched places with him didn't fair so well either.  She blew a .15 which is almost twice the legal limit to drive in Minnesota.

So, one traffic stop, two DWI's. Talk about doubling your trouble!  Both occupants of the car were arrested on DWI and other unspecified charges.

It appears that this was not a new experience for the male driver. The man faces a felony charge because 3 previous DWI arrests appeared in his criminal history report.

I can't really feel it in my heart to feel the least bit sorry for either of these two.  I guess some people never learn. Three prior DWI arrests?  Take an Uber. I promise you it would have been a lot cheaper.

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