The Minnesota Office of Public Safety is reminding residents this holiday season to find a sober ride home from their holiday parties. The Office of Traffic Safety often rolls out a campaign this time of year highlighting recent drunk driving arrests as a reminder that increased enforcement is on Minnesota roads. Two recent social media posts from that campaign featured Central Minnesota drivers being arrested for being over the limit.

In Stearns County, drivers had to move out of the way of an impaired 36-year-old male driver crossing the centerline. The vehicle struck a mailbox, went into the ditch multiple times and landed in a field after launching off a field approach.

A deputy arrested the driver for DWI. The driver’s blood alcohol concentration was 0.33. The legal limit is 0.08.

Don’t risk others’ lives on the road. Always plan a sober ride. Extra enforcement is in effect this holiday season.

The next social media post, which is the most recent, also featured a Central Minnesota driver.

Driving impaired is dangerous. Couple that with speeding and it’s even more frightening.

A Chisago County Sheriff's Office deputy arrested a 28-year-old male driver with a 0.144 blood alcohol concentration. The legal limit is 0.08. The driver was also speeding 92 mph.

As part of the impairment testing, the deputy held up one finger. The driver thought it was two fingers.

Watch your speed and always plan a sober ride this holiday season. Extra DWI enforcement is on Minnesota roads.

Don't become a statistic this holiday season, find a sober ride home.

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