After four-year-old Anthony Smith, who is deaf in one ear and has hearing loss in the other, refused to wear a hearing aid because such things aren’t becoming of superheroes, mother Christina D’Allessandro wrote to Marvel Comics asking for help. In response, Marvel created a brand-new hearing-impaired superhero named “Blue Ear” in honor of what the young boy calls his hearing device.

Because he wears a hearing aid, the mighty Blue Ear is able to respond to calls for help and battle crime. “Thanks to my hearing device, I hear someone in trouble!,” says the superhero in a drawing created by Marvel especially for Smith.

“Anthony Smith is the Blue Ear,” the image boldly continues. “When danger makes a sound, the Blue Ear answers the call!”

According to D’Allessandro, the boy was greatly inspired by the new superhero and now wears his hearing aid without complaint. “From here, anything is possible,” she said. “And that’s the way he’s looking at it.” Get a closer look at “The Blue Ear” below.

Marvel Creates Superhero for Hearing-Impaired Boy

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