Amazon recently came out with the ugly step brother of Marvel's motion picture series. You're pretty safe getting a Marvel movie, right? Not this time!

You have to admin it, Marvel makes awesome movies. They all tie together normally, like with Iron Man and the Avengers...which I could watch over and over again. Doctor Strange on the other hand, isn't one of the most popular comics they had, but they decided to make a major motion picture about it and hype it like people would finally 'get' the character and what he's about.

So, Doctor Strange is really just a extremely talented surgeon who happens to be a very narcissistic P.I.T.A. to other people. I'm not going to spoil the movie and tell you the whole story, but unless you are an existing Doctor Strange fan or a fan of Sherlock Holmes (same character in both movies) then you may wonder why you spent the money Amazon made you pay to see it.

The movie didn't suck too bad. It's a Marvel movie, so you know it's going to have great big action all over it, but it wasn't the best I've seen of them all. What sucked more was that Amazon makes you buy the movie if you want to see it. Once you buy it then it's in your library as long as you are an Amazon Prime subscriber. That's great, but now I've watched it, wasn't overly impressed, and probably not going to watch it again.

I kind of miss DVD's for this reason. If I don't really care too much for the movie I bought, I can easily give the DVD to somebody who wants to see it and I don't feel so bad wasting my money. In the case of Amazon, it's only in your account.

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