Social media is a great tool for people to use when they are looking for the public's help. One Minnesota-based artist is hoping to document the remaining Peanuts statues that are still on public display here in Minnesota. Unbelievably it's been 20 years since the gang started appearing throughout the Land of 10,000 Lakes.

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The post seeking assistance came from the social media group, Quirky Minnesota Places.

My name is Morgan LaCasse, and I'm a local artist working on a project about the Peanuts statues. It's been more than 20 years since the original Peanuts on Parade series, and I'm trying to document all of the statues that are still on public display). I've been referencing the book by William Johnson, but a lot of that information is out of date, as these statues have had a lot of time to move around!

There are still a lot of statues I need to visit, but I am asking for help because I would like to try and find as many as possible for my project. Do you know of any statues that I might have missed? Any information is helpful, but the more specific the better!)

(And I would love to share my final project here when I'm done with it! It will be a short documentary, with some history about the tribute as well as photos and videos of the statues in their environments. I'll also be making an up-to-date map, accurate as of this year. If you're curious about my other work, my website is

As of 6 this morning, there were more than 500 comments on the post, many of which were revealing locations where people remembered seeing the statues.

Image Credit: Paul Shea/TSM
Image Credit: Paul Shea/TSM

People who are familiar with where there are publically displayed statues are asked to comment on the post, which you can find by joining the group and going here.

The City of St. Paul's website has the reason behind why the statues were initially created.

These statues honor the Saint Paul native, Charles Schulz.  For five summers after Schulz’s death in 2000, artists all over Saint Paul designed and displayed individual   renditions of Peanuts characters. Over two million people from all fifty states flocked to this tribute to Schulz. The first year featured statues of solely Snoopy, the second Charlie   Brown, the third Lucy, followed by Linus, and finally Snoopy with Woodstock.  The proceeds from the past Peanut statue promotions have funded the Charles M. Schulz fund, established to create and maintain the bronze sculptures. Furthermore, the proceeds will fund scholarships for artists and cartoonists at the College of Visual Arts, the college Schulz attended and later served as an instructor.  

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