The park turned 13 years old on Monday, March 15 and had some celebratory words to share with their fans on social media.

They wrote, "And, we're forever thankful for all of the memories! Here's to many more!"

And we're forever thankful for all of the memories! Here's to many more!

Posted by Nickelodeon Universe® on Monday, March 15, 2021

Before the park was Nickelodeon Universe, it was known to Minnesotans for years as 'Camp Snoopy'. You could find Peanuts characters everywhere, including a giant Snoopy statue that was larger than life.

In 2008 the seven acre theme park changed to the Nickelodeon theme we all know and love today.

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I recently found out that all of the trees and plants in the park are real. Yep, that's right friends. Those giant trees or beautiful flowers you thought must be fake because they look so perfect, they're real.

In fact, according to MOA's website, the mall lets 10,000 lady bugs loose throughout the mall each year to allow for, 'biological control as the aphids are attracted to jasmine shrubs and Abicolas.'. Neat, huh?

Next time you're at the park, wow your friends with that little factoid. They'll be impressed.

Several Nickelodeon Universe fans had some well wishes to share on Facebook.

Caroline Lovely Zapata wrote, "Happy 13th birthday Nickelodeon Universe!!!! Cheers for 13 years of thrills & Excitement!!!! Birthday hugs & love!!!!

Ellyn Mortimer commented, "Wait, I share a birthday with Nickelodeon Universe AND RBG? Is it lame that I love this?" No, Ellyn it's totally NOT lame that you love this!

The Minnesota Renaissance Festival also chimed in, "Happy birthday Nickelodeon Universe!!!"

Happy birthday, Nickelodeon Universe! Welcome to your teen years.


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