The kids are off to school. In addition to buying your kids new school clothes, getting haircuts, back packs and school supplies, you don't want to forget about what they're going to be eating at school. How do you make sure your child is eating healthy?

Sophia Kembowski/picture alliance via Getty Images
Sophia Kembowski/picture alliance via Getty Images


I spoke with Ashley Kibutha, Registered Dietitian for Coborn's, and Ashley recommended that if your child enjoys eating the schools hot lunch's a good thing! Schools are required to offer well rounded meals for our it's a great option for your child.

If you're pretty sure your kid won't eat hot lunch, or maybe they just like to change it up a bit, why not mix up their lunch box with some unique and fun healthy food options?  If you are looking for some great lunch ideas, you can visit Coborn's website for some great ideas.


  • PB & J KABOBS:  Whole grain sandwich thins, natural creamy peanut butter and sugar free blackberry jam. Cut into small pieces and layer them on a kabob with grapes in between each one, then cheese cubes, and baby carrots. You can also try sunflower butter for a peanut and treenut free alternative.
  • CHICKEN WRAP:  Whole wheat tortilla and 2-3 ounces of cooked chicken breast, lettuce or spinach and yogurt based ranch dressing. You can also add low fat cottage cheese and pineapple chunks. Ashley recommended Bolthouse Farm dressings.
  • MINI PIZZAS: Whole wheat sandwich thins or whole grain English muffins, with tomato sauce/pizza sauce and shredded cheese. Top with lower sodium turkey  pepperoni and sugar snap peas. Serve with 100% juice.
  • BANANA SUSHI: Whole wheat tortilla, natural peanut butter and banana slices and raisins, or a blend of melon, pineapple and blueberries...served with low fat or skim milk.
  • WAFFLE SANDWICH: Whole grain waffle and lower sodium honey ham and provolone cheese with thinly sliced apples, Greek yogurt and bell pepper slices.

Ashley says it's important to present foods from all of the food groups to make sure your kids are getting enough carbs and protein to keep them from being hungry through the day. She also said it's important to have healthy snack options with fruits and veggies along with a source of protein.

Coborn's actually has a great site that helps you keep your family healthy, with recipes, grocery checklists and much more at

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