Big Lake-based sunflower grower, Fish Sunflowers, just posted that their fields that have been planted in different parts of the state are just about ready to bloom, and as they put it, "spread the sunshine".

According to a post from Fish Sunflowers those waiting to see the fields that were planted by Johnny Fish, which he posted earlier this year would be his last year planting across the state, are about to be in bloom. We also finally know from the post what cities Fish planted his fields in.

Hi friends and family!

It’s hard to believe we are already approaching the end of August- this summer has flown by! There have been a lot of questions about when the Fish Sunflower fields will be open. We wanted to ensure that the fields we planted would make it to bloom before spreading the word and sharing them with you.  This year we planted a total of seven fields and once again we lost a few due to the dry conditions this summer. However, the last three fields that I planted look like they are going to make it and we are excited to share them with you! Here they are in blooming order:
Gibbon, MN is expected to bloom in late August.
Andover, MN is expected to bloom in early September.
Albert Lea, MN is expected to bloom in mid-September.
We are very excited to share these fields with you so that you can experience and enjoy them but please remember to respect the land and landowners and do not visit the fields until they are open. Premature traffic will damage the growing flowers.
We will announce when each field is open and the address for each location. For official updates visit the Fish Sunflowers business page and

Join us live tomorrow evening (Friday, August 19th) anywhere between 5-8pm right here on the group page for further updates and info!

Fish according to his post, planted 7 fields earlier this year across the state, but only 3 look like they are going to make it due to the dry summer we had. Those fields are located in or around:

Gibbon, Andover, and in Albert Lea.

More details are expected to be shared tomorrow, Friday, August 19th, on the Fish Sunflower page.

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