I stopped by Jule's Bistro in downtown St. Cloud earlier this week, to take my son Mason out for lunch. Mason enjoyed a delicious Tuna Melt with kettle chips and I went with the tasty soup of the day. Then, we decided to go all out and have dessert and try Jules' new 'Boozie Cupcakes.'

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Owner Donella Westphal, says that this has been something she's wanted to create even before she owned Jules' Bistro, and now that they have their full liquor license, it's happening.

You can listen to Donella talk about the creation of their new Boozie Cupcakes by clicking on the player below.

Photo by Kelly Cordes
Photo by Kelly Cordes

I was wondering how they would serve up these cupcakes, but it completely makes sense that they serve them in a glass jar. Just so you know, you cannot order boozy cupcakes to go. (Yes...I tried that, not thinking!)


Donella is going to feature different cupcakes throughout the year. This cupcake had a vanilla cupcake and was topped with a decadent thick, rich, and sweet frosting and topped with a fresh raspberry.


The cupcake itself is NOT infused with alcohol. The tube sticking out of the cupcake includes the alcohol. You simply squeeze the syringe until it's all in the cupcake.  It definitely gives the cupcake a little kick! Really delicious. I can't wait to try all of the fun flavors they have available in the next few weeks.


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