We introduced you to one local 'community' garden earlier this year, and that local fresh fruit and vegetable stand in Royalton has started the process of wrapping up the growing season. Papa's Garden last week put the last of their harvest out on their stand last week.

The garden, which is tended to by Meagan Haugeto, is a no-cost garden that helps feed the community of Royalton. The garden, according to its Facebook "was the combined idea of myself and my dad. In 2020, my dad (‘Papa’ to his grandkids) passed away and we’re continuing on the legacy of his gardening to share with anyone who is in need!"

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The social media page also states that the garden "is a no-cost garden that helps feed our community. Located on N Maple St in Royalton."

Over the growing season, Papa's contributed to the community this year tomatoes, peppers, flowers, cucumbers, apples, carrots, and other items that Meagan grew and placed on the stand for neighbors and residents to enjoy.

The season had to have been a success for Meagan and the community, as those who follow the garden on Facebook (You can do that here for the upcoming season) saw the amount of fresh food being offered each day/week when Meagan would post what was available.

Congratulations and a BIG thank you to Meagan for having a great year, and supplying portions of Central Minnesota with fresh fruit and vegetables during the growing months!

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