As a die-hard Disney (and Frozen) fan, I relate to this little girl a lot.

St. Cloud got hit by a brief hail and rainstorm recently, and as an area dad filmed it, his daughter had a perfectly good explanation as to what was going on outside.

Four-year-old Laura Kiesling was watching the storm out of the family's patio window and claimed "It's Elsa!". Her dad was in complete agreement and also claimed "yeah Elsa is making hail!".

Laura's father Doug sent the video to a storm chasing site saying:

This footage shot after explaining to our daughter that when she hear's the alarm on the weather radio that was sounding (for storms further away from home at the time), that she needs to find Mom or Dad right away. And why? We looked out side after turning off the weather radio alarm and the small storm started dropping lots of hail.

For those unfamiliar, Elsa is the oldest of two daughters born to the king and queen of Arendell. Elsa was born with magical ice powers and learns to control them through the love she has for her sister. In the second installment of the Frozen franchise, Elsa learns to use her ice powers to save an ancient civilization and ends up leaving Arendell to lead them.

Laura's sense of wonder and Disney magic are super heartwarming, and just what we all need to start our week off on the right foot.

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