Dogs are awesome. Sierra is awesome. Let's help this Minnesota girl get a service dog that she really needs. Right now, Brainerd's Sierra is at Children's Hospital in St. Paul undergoing more tests. If 1,400 of us can kick in ten bucks, Sierra gets her specially trained dog buddy. I'm in -- so will you be one of the next 1,399?

From Sierra's Go Fund Me Page:

Sierra is currently hospitalized at Children's Hospital in St. Paul for tests to see what her seizure activity looks like. The EEG testing shows that Sierra has the most abnormal brain activity while she is sleeping which is very dangerous because while she is having a seizure she could accidentally suffocate herself and die or cause even more brain damage.

It has been recommended to get Sierra a service dog that will stay with her while she is sleeping and is trained to recognize seizure activity, help her to a safe position, and get help for her.

Because Sierra is only 12 years old, she does not meet the age requirements for some of the funded programs here in Minnesota and the others have 3-5 year waiting lists -- so we need to come up with the money ourselves to get the process started. It is urgent that we start the process as soon as possible because training a dog can take up to a year and training cannot begin until funds are obtained.

Ok, let's do this. Here's Sierra's 'Go Fund Me Page' where you can make a real difference. (Thanks in advance.) - Pete

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