For years I've heard that "THIS IS US" is one of the best shows on television. I had some time on my hands a couple weekends ago and thought I'd HULU an episode. BIG MISTAKE. I ended up binge watching all of the existing series over a few days..and now I'm totally in. The multiple story lines, the back and forth..confusing and put together in a great way! I love it.


THIS IS us season premiere was last night. It was great and as always left me wondering what's going to be happening next week?

Do you watch the show? What is your favorite story line? What will happen with Deja and Randall?  Will Kate have a baby? Randall is hinting that someone is ill...Who is it? His wife? His mother????

I'm also binge watching LIFE...a story about astronauts trying to get to Mars and their difficult family lives....Shawn Penn is awesome and I don't know if or when it is coming back, but I binged watched 8 episodes in two days and now I need more Shawn Penn...Sorry Madonna...but I need him.

Let me know what you're watching and if I should get involved in yet another show.

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