In 1362 the Norse Vikings discovered America, according to the Runestone, discovered near Alexandria. Does this prove that Columbus didn't discover America?

The Runestone was discovered in 1898 by a Swedish farmer named Olof Öhman near Alexandria, Minnesota. The stone was found deep in the roots of a tree on Olof's farm and contained these rune letters, telling tales of the Viking journey and death. If this stone is authentic, which skeptics insist it's a hoax, then Christopher Columbus would have had been late by over 100 years to discovering America.

Whatever the real truth is, this legend has become the namesake of many things in Minnesota - including how the NFL team in our state got it's name!

As a Minnesotan, you should know the full story of this huge piece of our history. If you're in the Alexandria area, you can see the actual Runestone on display at the Runestone Museum. It would be well worth a special trip if you're looking for a short getaway.

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