I'm proud of myself. I've been walking 3 miles every day after work for the past week! I'm on a roll. I haven't walked that fast, or sweat that much in a long time. I keep telling myself; Sweating is a good thing, and once you're done, the shower is just a few steps away!

I've also been doing 10 arm exercises in 10 minutes to build my strength in my arms, and boy; are my shoulders feeling the pain! Sharing the 10 exercises is a story for another day. More important to me today is how do I stop that nagging itching, achy feeling in the back of my shoulders?

That's always the place I carry stress. Last night I had my son Drew squeeze the crap out of the muscle near my shoulder blade, and push his fingers as far under my shoulder blade as he could. It's such a hard area to find relief.

So today I went in search of shoulder pain life hacks that will help you find relief for that short term.

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Some people might tell you to get a tennis ball, and stand against a wall with the tennis ball between your shoulders. It does work; but NOT like a La Crosse ball!  These are more solid; so when you stand against a sturdy wall, you can let your weight push the La Crosse ball deep into your shoulder blade tissue. It works great. But; what about when you don't have a tennis ball or a La Crosse ball to work with ?


I had never really heard of this one; but I tried it today and it did help a little bit. Believe me, I'd rather be getting a massage, but for now; this will work.

1. Place your right hand on the back of your neck, with your thumb parallel to your fingers.

2. Squeeze gently, as you turn your head to the left.

3.Turn back until you are facing forward.


5. Use the other hand and repeat the process in the other direction.

NOTE: Don't pinch too hard. This is more of a support move to provide the right amount of pressure when you turn your head.


Fill a hot water bag with hot water and place it across your shoulders, as this can provide relief from swelling and soreness in your shoulders. Use the compress for about 15 minutes at a time, and do it a few times during the day.


I'm a side sleeper; and that's not good for your shoulders. Changing to a different position when you sleep can keep you from damaging your rotator cuff. Side sleepers are encouraged to flip a few more times during the night, or get a higher pillow so you're not putting so much pressure on those muscles.

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