Last week, I told you about a beautiful little black dog that showed up in my fenced backyard. My son Tanner called me and told me that our Great Dane was in the backyard playing with a cute little black dog.

My first thought was...That's second thought was...oh no! The owner of this little black dog probably just put him back there to run around, and when they return, they won't know that my protective Dane is in the backyard, and they might get a big doggy surprise. He can be a little intimidating.


Tanner stayed out with the cute little dog from about 5 pm to 8:30. Constantly. He didn't want to leave the dog alone. At about 8:30 I said, okay....let's let him in. We didn't want him to get cold. He was so sweet and loving...We couldn't figure this story out. He was well fed, well taken care of, and full of love.


A listener had sent us a note, saying, have to wait 5 days before you can basically take the dog as your own, or find a home for them. So I called the vet in town and was going to bring him in the next day to have him scanned for a chip. But I called the Police Department to see if anyone was looking for him..and sure enough...someone was searching for him. A happy reunion for him...sad for us. He stole our hearts in a matter of 24 hours.

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