Yesterday afternoon, on my way home from work, I received a call from my son Tanner, that our Great Dane was in the backyard fenced in yard, playing with a little black dog. A little black dog? How did it get in there? He can't jump the fence?!  Or can he?

It appears that someone left him at my house. I told Tanner that if no one came back for him by 10 pm that we would make sure he had a warm place to sleep. Tanner, being the sweet guy that he is, stayed outside with the dog the ENTIRE time. So from about 5pm til about 8 pm; he wouldn't come inside because he didn't want to leave this beautiful black doggy alone.

We didn't make it til 10. He came in about 8. He's house trained. He's polite. He has a great temperament. Drew my oldest also fell in love with him immediately! That never happens. Mason likes him too...and honestly, I don't know how or why anyone could give this dog up.

He's friendly with the cat...he loves to play with Sampson. I haven't heard ANY growling or seen any fear in this little guy. What am I missing?

Either way....after just ONE evening with this little guy...I can't imagine how much it must have hurt the person to have to give him up.  Alas...he will be loved.

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