My family loves baked salmon. Sometimes I make this maybe too often, but if a couple months go by, my kids start asking for it again.

Typically I make my Salmon the same way every time. I put tinfoil on a cookie sheet. I place my washed salmon on the tinfoil. (Note: I don't spray the foil, as the skin sticks to the foil and makes it easy to serve salmon without the skin). Then I take a knife and make several cuts into the meat. Then I take melted butter, and pour it over the salmon and season with a little bit of salt, garlic salt and pepper. I take the other side of the tinfoil and wrap it over the top, bake for 40-50 minutes depending on the size of the salmon, and bake at 350.

The result is always tender and delicious.

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However....I started this process last week, and my tinfoil was missing! No kidding! was MISSING! By the way, I found it later in the basement...story for another time.  The problem is; the oven was heated, I was ready to make supper and now the tinfoil is missing.

Darin, my boyfriend and I, have been watching a lot of cooking shows, and BBQ shows on tv this winter as I bought him a smoker for Christmas. So we've been trying to learn a few tricks of the trade.

In one episode, the contestants had to cook fish on an open fire, with natural tools. Tinfoil, of course, was not on their list. So they took bacon and covered the meat with that, as it kept the meat from burning and added a delicious flavor.

So I tried it. I had no tinfoil, so I put the Salmon on a cookie sheet. I figured if I was going to cover it in bacon, I didn't need to add any seasonings at all, or butter. I just cut the bacon strips in half, and covered the whole piece of salmon with it.

I baked it for 50 minutes. I took it out of the oven and it was baked perfectly. It was moist, and had that delicious bacon flavor.

If I do it again, and I will, I think I would add a little bit of maple syrup on top of the bacon for a sweet bacon flavor.

Try it!

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