I recently read about a professor at Stanford University who has been challenging his students to go two days without internet since the 90's. He found that since 2009, the challenge has been impossible. Students have actually protested his request and have thrown tantrums.

At first I laughed and thought that these students seemed like a bunch of spoiled kids. But, then I thought about how many times I use the internet on an average day and it's actually crazy how heavily I rely on it. I mean, I can't perform my job without the internet.

I thought it would be a fun experiment to see what life would be like for someone to live without internet for 48 hours. Is it even possible in today's society? Of course I don't want to take this challenge myself because I couldn't do it--so, I challenged Pete!

Starting on Monday, Pete is going to TRY to go internet free for 48 hours. Do you think he can do it?

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