The first day of summer vacation is always the greatest day ever when you're a kid! School is over, the pressure is off and you've got a summer "bucket list" with three months to accomplish it all! It's what I hope retirement will feel like when I'm 65. For the next three months kids are home free! Here are some of the things they're probably up to this week;

  • Staying up late. There's no chance kids paid any attention to bedtime rules last night. 4 a.m. is usually when I'm waking up, and now it's when the teens are heading to bed.
  • Sleeping in. There's probably zero chance you'll see your teenager before 11 a.m. in the morning for the next few months--and that's probably still a pretty conservative estimate.
  • Sleep overs. Summer is all about hanging out with your friends and creating memories you'll talk about for a lifetime. If you're a parent, it might start to feel like you adopted a few children for the summer. Your job is to make sure the snack cupboard is stocked up!
  • Eating junk food. One of the best things about summer is being home all day and having time to bake cookies and brownies. You're not a the mercy of the school's lunch anymore, and you love that!
  • Throwing away old homework. Let's face it, old homework makes great fuel for a bonfire...and you love bonfires! Heck, you might have even had a bonfire last night already. You want to burn any evidence of the homework and tests you had all year.
  • Going to the mall. There was nothing better than going to the mall to meet your friends when you finally decided to wake up at 1 p.m. in the afternoon. The mall kind of doubles as the teenage daycare throughout the summer.
  • Movies. When you want an excuse to stay out late with your friends, going to the movies is always a great excuse. If you're an adult, get ready for the theater to be busy everyday for the next few months--not just on Friday and Saturday nights.

Enjoy the summer while it lasts! You'll be itching to go back to school before you know it!


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