1. Making a giant tape ball taking down all the posters in the classroom.

Playing catch with it was the best!

2. Watching movies in classes that you've already completed all your assignments in.

If you were really lucky, it was a non-educational movie.

3. The satisfying feeling of completely cleaning out a locker.

Be honest, you haven't seen the back of that thing since winter break.

4. Finding all the pencils you lost throughout the year at the back of said locker.

Keep them in a safe place and you are basically stocked for next year.


5. Taking the final test of the year.

And the sigh of relief when it is over.

6. Signing yearbooks and taking selfies with friends

The best ones were when your BFF would take your yearbook for an entire class period and write you a novel in it.

7. Busting out the summer wardrobe at school the last couple days

Gotta get those new tank tops and flip flops broke in before summer really arrives!

8. Weeknight Sleep Overs

The last week is so low key that it's fine if you all stay up late eating snacks and watching movies.

9. Leftover lunches as the lunch ladies get rid of the last stuff before the summer.

Pizza day usually comes with a side of salad, think again. It's going to be whatever is left. Every day is a wild card.

10. The last day being a half day.

The thrill of getting out early isn't any lessened by the fact that there are three months of freedom on the other side.

Have a great summer Central Minnesota!

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