Some holidays are more important than others...yet....there are holidays that you just never dreamed possible. Like today.  Right before Christmas...Right before New Years...A day like no other...A thought I've never my entire life. Putting a plunger on my head.

Maybe you have....maybe putting a plunger on your head represents plunging out all the knowledge and spilling it onto the earth. Maybe it means stop being so serious and just plunge...or maybe it's just a gross drunken party joke that went to far.

Whatever your reason to celebrate the plunger, we do NEED plungers...we are THANKFUL for plungers...especially in our 'specific' times of need.

Here is my poem:  "Ode To The Plunger"

You sit there quietly in the corner..unobserved. unnoticed. quietly waiting. I'm amazed at your patience. Never do you call my name..never interfering...Always just sitting...waiting...watching others....sit.....and wait...waiting for you time to shine.

You know it's inevitable. As you wait...watching people pass in and out through those bathroom doors; Yes...You know...eventually; it will be YOU; dear plunger; that will save the day;

And when it's your time to one can compare. As people run; screaming for help.  You rise to the occasion. You'll go places no one dare to you. You'll jump right in. Though muddy waters rise around you; you have no fear. Where would we be without you.