If you have never seen the northern lights before, tonight might be your lucky night. There is a Large Aurora Storm Watch according to The University of Alaska. When I checked the Northern Lights map, it showed a possibility of a strong showing of activity just north of Minneapolis. That would be us!

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I lived in the country growing up, far away from city lights, and saw some of the most unbelievable lights twinkling in the sky. When I moved to Kentucky, I didn't see the Northern Lights for 20 years. When I moved back to Minnesota, I still haven't seen them like I did when I was I kid. I'm hoping tonight's display will change all that.

It is hard to imagine if you've never experienced it, so since it's a weekend, and there's a high likelihood our skies will be shimmering, I wanted to give you some tips on where to go and what time to go to see this amazing spectacle. I promise if you find them, and even if it's the only time you ever see them, you'll never forget it.


To see the Northern Lights, you may want to head out to the country after midnight. If you are used to city darkness, it is quite different than what you experience when you are away from the glow of the city.

  • Find a dark location. Farm, wooded area or around a lake. If you can find a field that's dark, it will give you a great view of the sky.
  • Timing is everything.  I seem to remember the best northern lights of my life happening at about 1 am. So I would say head out about midnight....but that is up to you.
  • Take pictures and send them to us using your App.

Enjoy the display!

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