I've never really thought about this before; but did you know that there are certain locations in Minnesota where people are outnumbered by turkeys?

Maybe it's not that shocking, but I've never really thought about it.

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Minnesota produces more Turkeys than any other state in the US, so if people are enjoying Turkey for their Thanksgiving or Christmas holiday gatherings, there's a good chance that the bird came from Minnesota.

According to an article in the Minnesota Reformer, Minnesota produces 18% of the country's yearly turkey supply, and almost enough turkeys to provide the whole country with turkeys for Thanksgiving.

With that being said, I started thinking about how many turkeys reside here in our state. Are there more turkeys than people in Minnesota? There are certainly certain locations that have a larger turkey population than people.  Frazee has dubbed itself "Turkey Town."


Those people who live in Little Falls can't compete with the turkey population, as the Jennie-O plant is located there and has 1300 times the number of people in the area in turkeys.

See the chart below for more details on where there are more turkeys than people in Minnesota.

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According to a chart from 2020, the top 10 turkey-producing states were as follows:

  1. Minnesota - 40 million turkeys
  2. Arkansas - 31 million turkeys
  3. North Carolina - 30 million turkeys
  4. Indiana - 20 million turkeys
  5. Missouri - 17 million turkeys
  6. Virginia - 16 million turkeys
  7. Iowa - 12 million turkeys
  8. California - 8 million turkeys
  9. Pennsylvania - 7 million turkeys
  10. Ohio - 6 million turkeys

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