I was driving home last Sunday morning and listening to the Country Classic Show with Dick Nelson. In it, I hear this ad for this new cat litter, that is supposedly really light, good for your pet, and only $15 bucks for a months supply.

I was curious. So I called and order my monthly subscription of coconut litter right away. I didn't know that  Coconut absorbs Ammonia? I was super excited...because when I change Beans litter box, I can't stand that smell. YUCK!  Coconut I come.  Why am I so excited about this?  It's cat litter for heavens sake. I guess I'm just looking forward to my house smelling like a tropical paradise every time my cat goes to the bathroom.

However, this morning Ned informed me that he is allergic to coconut!


Soooooo....What happens if I pet Mr. Bean after he leaves the litter box. Is Ned going to go into anaphylactic shock? Do I bring an epipen? I don't want to harm my co host?

Anyway.....I'll let you know how much I love or hate my coconut cat litter next week once I get a chance to use cat..uses it...yeah. Okay.

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