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According to a new survey, this home decor item is one that can be found in more homes in Minnesota than any other. Do you know what it is-- and do you have it in your house?

My wife and I love to watch any of those home renovation shows on HGTV. In fact, we like them so much that we just subscribed to Discovery+, where you have access to EVERY reno show out there-- and there are a lot! Anyway, whenever they renovate ANY home, if that house is here in the Land of 10,000 Lakes, it should contain THIS item.

That's because, according to this new survey from the crew over at Workshopedia, it's the Most Popular Home Decor Item in Minnesota. So what is it? Is it a new shiplap accent wall in the dining room? A fireplace? How about stainless steel appliances or the always-popular open concept?

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Nope. It's none of those. According to Workshopedia's survey of the Most Searched Items in Every State, the... coat rack is the most popular here in Minnesota. (And also in Michigan.) A coat rack? Really? Is that what we're searching for the most when it comes to home decor in Minnesota?

In case you (like me) are a little skeptical of those results, here's how Workshopedia arrived at those results: "Using a list of 45 popular decor items available for sale at five major home goods retailers, we explored Google Shopping trends over the last 12 months for every state and the District of Columbia," it said.

Well, maybe I'm wrong. We don't have a coat rack (we just put our coats in the closet right near the door to our garage), but maybe everybody else in the North Star State does. (Do you?) Meanwhile, over in my home state of Wisconsin, stools (like bar stools) are the most searched item-- which makes sense, given Wisconsinite's love of having a drink or two. And in Iowa, curtains are the most searched item.

Speaking of HGTV, do you remember when the Foxes from the show 'Stay or Sell' put their million-dollar home up in Edina on the market? Keep scrolling to check out the pictures (and see if there's a coat rack in their house too...)

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